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Welcome to Mikes-Bikes!


Thank you for stopping by and saying hi to Mike! If you are here then chances are you have heard about Mikes Bikes and want to participate and possibly get a new bike!

Learn a little more about Mikes Bikes and Comox Valley Dodge

Comox Valley Dodge is, and has always been a proud supporter of our community and is involved in many civic organizations, charities, fairs, golf tournaments, school athletics, hospital foundations, and chances are we have touched your life at some point with our interaction in this incredible community.

As a community minded business we are asked to participate several times daily in most of the organizations and charities in the valley and as much as we would love to give to all, we simply have to make very difficult choices and decide what to do. Comox Valley Dodge is in the valley and we want to support those who work, live, and go to school in the Comox Valley.


Even though Comox Valley Dodge has always been a supporter of a tremendous amount of local organizations, charities, clubs,school athletics, sports teams and the like, Mike wanted to create his own organization where all of the money he spent was funneled directly back into helping his community. Mikes-Bikes was designed and developed to give those without the means to purchase their own bike a chance to get one from Mike.

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Kimberly Baker November 28, 2012 at 6:20 pm

I have five children they all had bikes but someone keeps stealing them and i cant afford a new one as i am a single parent thank you for the opportunity.


Anne-Marie Marchi November 26, 2012 at 9:16 pm

What a fantastic endeavour and heartfelt donation for the boys and girls of your community! I imagine this holiday season, the Comox Valley will be lighting up with lots of smiles :) You’re awesome Michael.


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